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We like to share!

While all of the standard listings on our national and local sites are free, there are also revenue possibilities from featured listings, website design & hosting, seo, print design and advertising space sales.

We would be happy to consider you as a partner and share with you a percentage of sales from those sources listed above. Below are some of the ways we can partner together. If any interest you, please contact us (877-862-4800) or fill out the form below.

Referrer: we will compensate you a percentage of sales for leads you send us that buy services from us.

Local Contractor: we will compensate you a percentage of sales for new accounts that you sell.

White Lable Contractor: we will sell our services to you, to white label as your own and mark up to sell at your own price.

Local Contributor: we are interested in volunteer help in contributing local news, events, and reviewing submissions for their appropriateness.  Just let us know of your interest.

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