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    Cotopaxi Community Church

    (719) 942-4185

    Cotopaxi, Colorado

    COTOPAXI COMMUNITY CHURCH Highway 50, Cotopaxi, Colorado For more information, please call Pastor Bill Korf: (719) 942-4185

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    Mountain Valley Church - Howard, CO


    8754 W. US Hwy 50 Howard, CO 81233

    Mountain Valley Church is all about people – We are diverse, young and old, married and single. But we all have this in common – we love Jesus with all our hearts – We believe His Word, and we want everyone to know how good He is. Our worship is passionate, and our messages are […]

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    Howard Volunteer Fire Department


    Howard, Colorado

    At HVFD we’ve made some major strides and had some serious on-the-job training. As you probably know, we had only one major fire in our district in the past 12 months. Although we were on the scene within four minutes of receiving the 911 notification, the restaurant was a total loss. HFVD firefighters did an […]