About Us

AOL_LogoLocal Biz is a network of community-driven, locally-focused websites with the mission to provide one central resource for community information and commerce. We strongly support small business. Each Local Biz site’s content is provided by the community it serves and all standard business, classifieds, news and events listings are always free. Charges are applied only for upgraded Featured Listings (those listings that will always appear at the top) and a portion of all fees collected from Featured Listings and Site Advertising are donated back to the local community’s non-profits and charities.

High Elevation, the parent company of Local Biz, is a website design and internet marketing company that has been in business for over 15 years and is located in Colorado. We were initially funded by AOL and after almost two years, we spread our wings and became independent and changed our name to High Elevation. High Elevation owns and operates the Local Biz network of websites as well as Hot Listings for the real estate industry.

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